Jonathan LaPoma

Author / Screenwriter / Songwriter

Diplomatic Ammunity!

A struggling Hollywood screenwriter recruits his former best friends to help him write a script about a series of pranks they pulled in high school, and they discover why their friendship fell apart (ADAPTATION meets IDIOCRACY).

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  • Los Angeles Screenplay Contest, 2017, 1st Place: Comedy
  • Las Vegas Screenplay Contest, 2018, 2nd Place: Comedy
  • The Indie Gathering Film Festival, 2017, 3rd Place: Comedy
  • London Film Awards, 2017, 4th Place
  • Oaxaca Film Festival, 2018, Finalist
  • Twister Alley Film Festival, 2018, Finalist
  • World Series of Screenwriting, 2017, Finalist
  • Evolution Mallorca Film Festival, 2017, Semifinalist
  • Moondance Film Festival, 2017, Semifinalist
  • The Monthly Film Festival, 2017, Semifinalist
  • Los Angeles CineFest, 2017, Semifinalist
  • Sacramento Film Festival, 2018, Official Selection