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Kirkus Reviews Recommends THE SOUL CITY SALVATION

Kirkus Reviews recommends Jonathan LaPoma’s new darkly comic, psychologically epic novel, The Soul City Salvation:

“Jay is revealed to be an intriguing soul to follow, and LaPoma seamlessly depicts aspects of Jay’s mental illness as well as his attempts to get successfully published. Along the way, the author effectively plays with the theme of control—specifically, Jay’s lack of it, in both his classrooms and in his personal life . . . A good character study of an educator yearning for more will be satisfied . . . A . . . highly readable tale of a struggling but well-meaning schoolteacher.”

Almendro Arts will publish the novel on March 24, 2020.

California Bookwatch Recommends THE SOUL CITY SALVATION

Diane Donovan of California Bookwatch recommends Jonathan LaPoma’s latest novel, The Soul City Salvation, calling it:

“A philosophical story of growth, insight, and discovery . . . that moves beyond the usual focus on young adults to consider an adult’s evolutionary process . . . Readers looking for an introspective journey will relish The Soul City Salvation for its ever-changing evolutionary realizations which offer rich food for thought long after Jay’s story concludes.”

To read the first two chapters of The Soul City Salvation, click here.