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THE CROOKED EAST Release their First Single, “Release Me”

Jonathan LaPoma’s band, THE CROOKED EAST, has released the first single, “Release Me,” from their debut EP, “Where it’s Warm.” “Release Me” is now available for streaming/download on all major stores.
This release has been a lifetime in the making; you can find it here:
“Release Me” has earned the following praise:

-“A cool natured indie rock and classic rock sort of blend. Really well produced and crafted” –We All Want Someone To Shout For

-“A more than enjoyable listen featuring rolling guitar waves, a thumping bassline low end, strong lead vocal performance that sits with precision on top the mix, punchy drumming backbone pulse, imaginative and immersive lyrics and a clean mix/master. Props are due.” –Music on the Moon

-“Lovely feeling of the track – lyrics & soundscape, with a nice flow & cadence, strong harmonies & counter-harmonies, warm textures – quite fond of the bass line” –Phonograph Me

-“Catchy guitar chords here and the balanced instrumentation. Composition is impressive…I see high potential here” –DE MUSIC

-“Nice indie rock with shoegaze sound, good vocal” –E:\music\

-“Awesome, dig the energy and influences at play” –American Pancake

-“I really liked the grove” –Music & Fashion Blog

-“Emotional and I liked the strong guitar tunes and a confident rhythm. Good clear vocals too, solid mixing” –Elena

-“Great groove” –Stefanos

-“I dig the catchy vibe as well as the lead guitar sound. well written and a cool voice” –Magic Frog Company

-“The song is great, performance especially. The guitar parts are cool” –Alt77

-“A beautiful track” –Janglepophub

-“Quite nice” –We Love That / Sound

-“Nice laid back feel” –We Love Lo-fi Music

-“The song blends indie with rock in a very thoughtful way. I think the production is great” –Alfitude

-“Hey some nice vibes here and dig the tones” –Jake Kaiser

-“Really cool sound and really impressive job” –Devon Overbey Music

-“Nice vibes” –Indie Music Nation

-“Some nice vibes” –CLOUT

-“A unique and nice track!” –Sinusoidal Music

-“Brings about such a heartwarming feeling. The way the vocal sings brings about such an easy and mellow feel. It’s like sitting under the tree and enjoying the breeze of the world” –Empty Room Productions

-“There’s no doubting the mood and atmosphere of the track, and the vocals add a clear sense of feeling to” –Various Small Flames