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California Bookwatch calls HAMMOND “A Revealing Standout”

Diane Donovan of California Bookwatch gave Jonathan LaPoma’s latest coming-of-age novel, HAMMOND, a positive review:

“Lingers in the mind far after its conclusion . . . replete with interpersonal interactions, personal revelations, and an overlay of mental illness perspective rare in a coming-of-age story. Readers who look for compelling sagas of mental illness struggles will find Hammond a revealing standout in the literature which grabs the reader’s attention and swings through a life that too often feels stuck. Few stories can capture this gritty and stark existence, and Hammond is reminiscent of the classic I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, with its powerful, introspective view of an evolving (and, sometimes, devolving) young man.”

HAMMOND will be published by Almendro Arts on December 18, 2018.