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HAMMOND Earns 5 Stars from High Ranked Goodreads Reviewer

India’s third “Most Followed” and “Best Reviewer” on Goodreads, Archit Ojha, had this to say about Jonathan LaPoma’s novel HAMMOND:
“Jonathan LaPoma is one of the best authors I have come across. He makes it a point to stir the emotions in your heart you never knew existed…Books like this make you think after you are done reading it and they stay with you, for the better and worse…The writing is poetic, lyrical and anything you associate with the word “melody”…
The pages turned themselves, a ride full of emotions…You stick with his till the end. Boy! You wish there is no end.
I have been given a vivid picture of Buffalo through this novel and I cannot wait to be there in person…The twists and turns his life takes and then, the ending, a flawless ending…I give Hammond a perfect 5 stars.”

First Reviews for HAMMOND are Positive

The first reviews for Jonathan LaPoma’s coming-of-age literary novel HAMMOND have been positive:

“This is the book that marks Jonathan LaPoma as my favorite underrated author . . . One of the most genuinely emotional novels I have read in a hot minute . . . So emotionally in-depth that at times I felt I was getting overwhelmed by ghosts of my own depression. I don’t remember the last book I read that had so much truth and understanding packed into its words (perhaps it was The Summer of Crud)… Hammond is truly a masterpiece of the coming-of-age genre. My biggest hope for this book is that it gets the attention it deserves.”

-Audrey L, Netgalley Reviewer

“The characters are well structured and the plot is thick, making Hammond a great book for those looking for a read that takes you into a whole other world (so to speak).”

-Keirstin Smith, Netgalley Reviewer

To read the full reviews, check out HAMMOND’s Goodreads page.

DEVELOPING MINDS Goodreads Giveaway Gets Three Times the Average Number of Requests

The Goodreads giveaway for Jonathan LaPoma’s award-winning coming-of-age novel, DEVELOPING MINDS: AN AMERICAN GHOST STORY, finished its 23-day run with 2,581 requests. According to the Goodreads website, the average giveaway receives 825 requests in a 4-week period. DEVELOPING MINDS finished at the top of page 2 of 98 of the “Most Requested” books during the giveaway period, placing it in the company of several New York Times best-selling authors.

Two of the winners are from the US, two are from Canada, and one from Brazil.

LaPoma will be offering another Goodreads giveaway shortly.