Jonathan LaPoma

Author / Screenwriter

HAMMOND Release Party at Young Hickory on December 18th

The Secret Stash will be hosting a book release party for Jonathan LaPoma’s new coming-of-age novel, HAMMOND, at Young Hickory East Village on December 18th. LaPoma will sign copies of all books purchased at the party.

At the party, The Secret Stash will be giving away 5 prizes. In order to claim one, you have to purchase a House Lager beer ($5) or any coffee drink (prices vary).

Prizes include:
– a full set of Jonathan LaPoma’s books.
– gift cards
– a gift bag from The Secret Stash
– a mystery prize

Young Hickory East Village is located at 810 13th Street, San Diego, California 92101.

Kirkus Reviews Recommends HAMMOND

Kirkus Reviews, one of the most world’s most respected book review publications, recommended Jonathan LaPoma’s latest novel, HAMMOND:

“Earnest, hardscrabble story of restless youth, mental illness, and the saving grace of sports-inspired camaraderie . . . Compelling . . . successfully captures the anger, frustration, and freedom of kids on the brink of adulthood.

Read the full review by clicking here.

Almendro Arts will publish HAMMOND on December 18, 2018.

California Bookwatch calls HAMMOND “A Revealing Standout”

Diane Donovan of California Bookwatch gave Jonathan LaPoma’s latest coming-of-age novel, HAMMOND, a positive review:

“Lingers in the mind far after its conclusion . . . replete with interpersonal interactions, personal revelations, and an overlay of mental illness perspective rare in a coming-of-age story. Readers who look for compelling sagas of mental illness struggles will find Hammond a revealing standout in the literature which grabs the reader’s attention and swings through a life that too often feels stuck. Few stories can capture this gritty and stark existence, and Hammond is reminiscent of the classic I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, with its powerful, introspective view of an evolving (and, sometimes, devolving) young man.”

HAMMOND will be published by Almendro Arts on December 18, 2018.

The US Review of Books Calls HAMMOND “Laudable”

Mark Heisey of The US Review of Books gave Jonathan LaPoma’s latest coming-of-age novel, HAMMOND, a positive review:

“Succeeds on many levels, LaPoma’s use of James, a mentally ill youth troubled by the destructive tendencies of his family, as the central character is laudable. His unique worldview gives the narrative an unforgettable flavor. Fans of Jim Carroll’s Basketball Diaries will find many similar themes in this book…These boys are dealing with everything from bullying to basketball, drugs, sex, faith and favoritism. Lapoma does a good job catching the bravado and fears of this age. In addition, he records the internal struggles and confusion of his protagonist in realistic and abundant detail…Readers who enjoy a coming-of-age tale with lots of introspection will likely find this book a good match.”

HAMMOND will be published by Almendro Arts on December 18, 2018

First Reviews for HAMMOND are Positive

The first reviews for Jonathan LaPoma’s coming-of-age literary novel HAMMOND have been positive:

“This is the book that marks Jonathan LaPoma as my favorite underrated author . . . One of the most genuinely emotional novels I have read in a hot minute . . . So emotionally in-depth that at times I felt I was getting overwhelmed by ghosts of my own depression. I don’t remember the last book I read that had so much truth and understanding packed into its words (perhaps it was The Summer of Crud)… Hammond is truly a masterpiece of the coming-of-age genre. My biggest hope for this book is that it gets the attention it deserves.”

-Audrey L, Netgalley Reviewer

“The characters are well structured and the plot is thick, making Hammond a great book for those looking for a read that takes you into a whole other world (so to speak).”

-Keirstin Smith, Netgalley Reviewer

To read the full reviews, check out HAMMOND’s Goodreads page.

DEVELOPING MINDS a Top 12 “Sidesplittingly Hilarious” Novel on Wiki.ezvid

Danica Jambalos included Jonathan LaPoma’s coming-of-age novel DEVELOPING MINDS: AN AMERICAN GHOST STORY in her “12 Sidesplittingly Hilarious Novels For All Readers” Wiki.ezvid video.

She had this to say about the novel:

“Jonathan LaPoma gives us a coming-of-age novel that tackles alienation, misguided hopes, and addiction, making the tale perfect for those who enjoy satire and darker humor.”

Jon LaPoma Finishes First Draft his Latest Novel, HAMMOND

Jonathan LaPoma finished the first draft of his latest novel, HAMMOND, which follows a group of troubled boys who play basketball at a city court in Buffalo as a means to escape their abusive households. LaPoma hopes to publish the book by Christmas.