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California Bookwatch Recommends THE SOUL CITY SALVATION

Diane Donovan of California Bookwatch recommends Jonathan LaPoma’s latest novel, The Soul City Salvation, calling it:

“A philosophical story of growth, insight, and discovery . . . that moves beyond the usual focus on young adults to consider an adult’s evolutionary process . . . Readers looking for an introspective journey will relish The Soul City Salvation for its ever-changing evolutionary realizations which offer rich food for thought long after Jay’s story concludes.”

To read the first two chapters of The Soul City Salvation, click here. 

A SACRIFICE TO THE GOD OF THE BLUES a Finalist in Oaxaca Film Fest

Jonathan LaPoma’s short, coming-of-age drama, A SACRIFICE TO THE GOD OF THE BLUES, is a finalist in the 2019 Oaxaca Film Festival’s screenplay competition. The script is competing in the “Best Legacy” and “Best Overall Script” categories. This is the script’s 10th award/honor, and LaPoma’s 161st overall.

HAMMOND Earns 5 Stars from High Ranked Goodreads Reviewer

India’s third “Most Followed” and “Best Reviewer” on Goodreads, Archit Ojha, had this to say about Jonathan LaPoma’s novel HAMMOND:
“Jonathan LaPoma is one of the best authors I have come across. He makes it a point to stir the emotions in your heart you never knew existed…Books like this make you think after you are done reading it and they stay with you, for the better and worse…The writing is poetic, lyrical and anything you associate with the word “melody”…
The pages turned themselves, a ride full of emotions…You stick with his till the end. Boy! You wish there is no end.
I have been given a vivid picture of Buffalo through this novel and I cannot wait to be there in person…The twists and turns his life takes and then, the ending, a flawless ending…I give Hammond a perfect 5 stars.”

The Two Gay Geeks Interview Jon LaPoma

The Two Gay Geeks interviewed Jonathan LaPoma for their latest webcast. LaPoma answered questions about his novels and screenplays, explaining their origins and thematic material, along with his writing process and history.

To listen to the webcast, click here.

THE SUMMER OF CRUD Earns Four Stars from Four Moon Reviews

Four Moon Reviews gave Jonathan LaPoma’s coming-of-age novel THE SUMMER OF CRUD four stars:

“I don’t recommend this book for the faint of heart. This book is raw and written bluntly. Nothing in this book has its edges sanded down or rounded off. The topics of mental health, addiction, abuse and physical pain are not made over into something less terrible than they are . . . If you are into blunt material that doesn’t always receive the storybook happy ending then this book is probably for you.”

THE KIDNAPPED a Finalist in Las Vegas Screenplay Contest

Jonathan LaPoma’s feature-length black comedy/action script, THE KIDNAPPED, is a finalist in the 2019 Las Vegas Screenplay Contest. This is LaPoma’s 160th overall award/honor for his thirteen scripts.

THE KIDNAPPED a Finalist in Twister Alley Film Festival

Jonathan LaPoma’s feature-length black comedy THE KIDNAPPED is a finalist in the 2019 Twister Alley Film Festival. This is LaPoma’s 159th award/honor for his 13 screenplays.

HAMMOND, #1 Hot New Release on Amazon Australia

Jonathan LaPoma’s newest coming-of-age novel, HAMMOND, is the #1 Hot New Release in Sports Fiction and the #8 Hot New Release in Coming of Age Fiction on Amazon Australia.

It’s also the #2 bestseller in Sports Fiction on Amazon UK and Australia, and the #3 bestseller in Sports Fiction on Amazon Canada.

THE KIDNAPPED an Official Selection of Beverly Hills Film Fest

The Beverly Hills Film Festival selected Jonathan LaPoma’s feature-length black comedy/action script, THE KIDNAPPED, to its 2019 screenwriting competition. This is the script’s 3rd award/honor and LaPoma’s 158th overall.

HAMMOND Gets Another 5-Star Review

Author and blogger Yawatta Hosby gave Jonathan LaPoma’s new novel, HAMMOND, 5 stars:

“The author did a great job with characterization and voice. The drama and angst was very well done as well. I prayed for them to win the basketball championship so they could have something good happen in their lives. Did they win? Did they lose? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

I RECOMMEND the book to read.”

To read the full review, click here.