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Zona Emergente Features “Angel Eyes” on Blog

Zona Emergente featured THE CROOKED EAST’s latest single, “Angel Eyes,” on their blog:

“It is important to highlight the instrumental arrangements, which give depth to the lyrics, where the vocalist’s voice shines successfully, building a great combination of talents, which gives us this beautiful song as a result. It seems like a musical gem that we only want to share with those who know how to appreciate good music.”

Glide Mag gives “Angel Eyes” a Shout Out

Glide Magazine gave THE CROOKED EAST’s latest single, “Angel Eyes,” a shout out on their Instagram account.

End Sessions Features “Angel Eyes” on Blog

End Sessions featured THE CROOKED EAST’S latest single, “Angel Eyes,” on its blog:

“a masterpiece that I can well define as «Hypnotic»… an Art Rock song in which the band is not afraid to experiment with its atmospheres, adding rock touches, metal influences (I hear it in the harmonizations) and classic rhythms, this song is very pleasant to the ear”

Freim TV adds “The Faceless Purge” to Blog Playlist

Freim TV added “The Faceless Purge” to their blog playlist, “Canciones nuevas mexas para tus playlist #RadarFreim.” Click here to listen. 

La Caverna adds “The Faceless Purge” to Playlist

La Caverna added THE CROOKED EAST‘s latest single, “The Faceless Purge,” to their Descubrimientos playlist on Spotify.

El Rocanrosaurio adds “The Faceless Purge” to their Indie Gente Playlist

El Rocanrosaurio added THE CROOKED EAST’s new single, “The Faceless Purge,” to their Indie Gente playlist on Amazon  and Spotify

Rádio Armazém add “The Faceless Purge” to their radio show “Sound Wave Therapy”

Rádio Armazém have added “The Faceless Purge” to their radio show “Sound Wave Therapy,” along with their Spotify playlist of the same name. To check out the playlist, click here. 

RetroSynth adds “The Faceless Purge” to Livestream of KSWV Radio Shockwave.

Thank you, RetroSynth, for including my band, THE CROOKED EAST’s, latest single, “The Faceless Purge,” in your Livestream of RetroSynth Records and KSWV Radio Shockwave.

To listen to the song, check out 1:33:26 here:

We’ll be releasing “The Faceless Purge” on December 21st on all major platforms.

THE SOUL CITY SALVATION gets 5-Star Netgalley Review

Jonathan LaPoma’s transgressive novel THE SOUL CITY SALVATION received another five-star Netgalley review:

“Wow, I loved this book way more than I anticipated. I knew I would enjoy it because I love a book that gives an honest depiction of mental health and the struggles that come along with it, but LaPoma knocked this one out of the park.

The main character’s struggle with his mental health was written with such passion and felt so heartfelt that it almost felt at times that I was just having a conversation with a friend about our struggles. It was a deeply honest and compassion depiction of OCD and mental health struggles, and is one I’ll definitely be recommending to everyone.”

#NetGalley #thesoulcitysalvation #jonathanlapoma #novels #litfic #TransgressiveLit

“I’m Thinking it Over” Wins 4th in FTS Indie List

The Crooked East’s latest single, “I’m Thinking it Over,” won fourth place in From the Strait’s “Indie List.”